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In the aggregate, the amount of paper used by modern industrial societies is staggering. The financial industry represents a significant percentage of that paper use. Though we often take it for granted, the lifecycle cost of paper - including production, transportation, and disposal - has a tremendous impact on the environment.

Some facts about the environmental impact of paper:

In just one year, by switching from paper to electronic billing, statements, and payments, the average American household would:

  • Save 6 pounds of paper
  • Save 23 pounds of wood
  • Prevent the production of 29 pounds of greenhouse gases, which is the equivalent of:
    • The emissions avoided by not driving 30 miles
    • The emissions avoided by not consuming 2 gallons of gasoline
    • Planting 0.4 tree seedlings and allowing them to grow for 10 years

That’s what a single household could accomplish, just with one simple measure. If just 20% of American households switched from paper to electronic bills, statements and payments each year, the collective impact would:

  • Save 146,930,912 pounds of paper
  • Save 542,669,898 pounds of wood
  • Prevent producing 689,437,189 pounds (312,709 tons) of greenhouse gases, which is the equivalent of:
    • Driving 700,798,252 fewer miles
    • Taking 60,939 cars off the road
    • The emissions avoided by not consuming 35.2 million gallons of gasoline
    • Planting 8.7 million tree seedlings and allowing them to grow for 10 years
    • Preserving 1,069 acres of forest from deforestation
    • Creating 1,632,318,487 fewer gallons of wastewater (enough to wastewater to fill 2,472 Olympic-size swimming pools)
    • Avoiding filling 7,011,224 household garbage bags (5,008 garbage trucks) with waste
    • Using 14,936,853 fewer gallons of gasoline to mail bills, statements, and payments

Small changes add up to a big difference!

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PayItGreen offers a variety of tools and resources that help your business to convert customers to paperless transactions ? an initiative that has both environmental benefits and a positive impact to your bottom line. Every day, the financial industry uses tons of paper, squandering resources and creating a on the environment, not to mention company budgets. PayItGreen would like to thank the many businesses and organizations that have supported our efforts.

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Every action you take has an equal reaction, especially when we're talking about the environment. How does a small step like using less paper help the environment? For starters, it not only preserves forestland, but it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of resources from the manufacture, transportation and disposal of all those little slips of paper.

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The PayItGreen Seal of Approval recognizes businesses and financial institutions that champion environmentally sustainable practices to remove paper from payments, bills and statements and motivate consumers and businesses to make electronic their first choice. The Seal offers a competitive advantage over companies that aren?t engaged in environmentally friendly practices, as industry research shows consumers care about the environmental practices of the companies they do business with.

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